Explore texture and colour with toddler art

Make art you can feel!

Does your toddler or child love to colour pictures? Or maybe it is something they can take or leave depending on how they feel. Here is a great way to encourage them to colour pictures and explore texture and colour at the same time!

Why colour pictures?

Besides being easy to set up and low on the messy-ness scale, colouring pictures has many benefits for your toddler or child:

  1. Practice holding a writing tool the correct way
  2. Aids in hand-eye coordination
  3. Colouring a simple printed page helps a child to recognize colour
  4. Last, but not least, colouring can allow you and your child to have some quality quiet time together. It can provide a wonderful time to sit and chat with your child.

All you need to explore texture and colour in this activity is some sturdy art paper, crayons and and some textured materials.

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What you need:

  • Art Paper with pictures
  • Crayons

  • Textured materials: corrugated card and sandpaper

Step 1: Take out your supplies

  • Take out your art paper, crayons, sandpaper and corrugated card
  • Prepare your work area

Step 2: Colour pictures

  • “Let’s colour in some candy”! First point to the different images on the page and name them for your child: lollipop, chocolate bar and sweets.
  • “What colour should the lollipop be? How about red”? Help them colour in the lollipop with a red crayon (or any colour they choose).
  • Ask what they think it would taste like. Sweet or salty?
  • Ask what it feels like. Run their hand over it and ask if it is smooth, bumpy or scratchy?

Step 3: Feel the texture materials

  • Now take out the corrugated paper and let your child feel it. Say “It’s bumpy” as they run their fingers over it.
  • Now put it under the chocolate bar outline. Ask “what colour is chocolate”? Brown!
  • Show them how to colour in the chocolate bar with brown crayon so it makes a rubbing.
  • What does it feel like? What does it look like? Look at all the bumpy lines we made!

Step 4: Explore texture and colour!

  • Now take the sandpaper and let your child feel it. Say “It’s scratchy” as they run their fingers over it.
  • Put it under the sweets. Take your child’s hand and let them feel the paper. Does it feel rough or scratchy?
  • Not yet! Help them colour in the sweets.
  • What does it feel like? What does it look like? Can you see lots of little dots.
  • The ideas and instructions for this activity come from our My Sweet Shop Toddler Activity Pack.