Why are songs and rhymes important for your child’s development (and so fun)?

The fact that toddler and pre-school age children love to sing songs and repeat rhymes over and over is not breaking news to any parent. (Frozen anyone?)

Some children are born musicians, dancers, artists and storytellers. Others need practice and encouragement. But above all it should be fun!

Many children at this age are not self conscious about their voices or making too much noise. But some are quiet. Many children learn the rhythm and tempo of rhymes through endless repetition on their own. And some need more help and guidance.

How do songs and rhymes benefit my child’s development?

There is now growing evidence that singing songs and saying rhymes together with your toddler or pre-schooler provides a broad range of benefits for their development.

  • Help develop critical listening skills
  • Nourish the brain while affecting all areas of development
  • Help to calm and focus the mind
  • Encourage interaction in non-threatening ways
  • Strengthen motor skills, language, problem solving, spatial-temporal performance and literacy

Sqooll.com Activity Packs include 2 fun songs or rhymes every month

We use well known tunes and melodies and create new lyrics to match our theme for the month. With step-by-step instructions and all the words included you can introduce new songs and rhymes to your todder or preschooler every month.

We also provide the songs and rhymes as Mp3 downloads so you can sing along.

Here is a sample from our Dinosaur Pack. Put on your dinosaur feet, click the link to play and do the actions together with your child!

Toddler Dinosaur song “Stomp, stomp, stomp”

Pre-schooler Dinosaur song “Dinosaur, dinosaur turn around”

Enjoy stomping around the house with your child!

~ Julie and the Sqooll.com Team