Best Fathers Day Gift Hands Down

Your child has the best Dad – hands down, right? So let him know with this quick and easy hand print art you can make at home in time for Father’s Day! There are several different ways to make this art special for dad: You can make both hand-prints of your child If you have … Read more

Rainbow art

What should we do today? When your kids are home from school for the holidays and the weather is not cooperating there is nothing worse than hearing the dreaded "I'm bored"! Unfortunately that means you actually have to come up with ideas for something to do! Not to worry, we have you covered. How about … Read more

Toddler Art Is About the Process (Part 1)

Afraid of Toddler Art? Time to face your fears! When you think about your toddler doing art activities do you imagine paint and glue everywhere but on the paper? No wonder! Toddlers are energetic and messy, but it’s time to face your fears! By doing art projects with your toddler, you will be providing opportunities … Read more

Toddler learning on an Autumn walk

A toddler learning activity that will help your child explore nature and the colours of Autumn. While walking in the park with my toddler yesterday we were talking about the different coloured leaves on the ground. As she continues to learn about colours we decided to collect a variety of leaves and this is the … Read more

Announcing our New Activity Pack Design

Our February Activity Packs introduce a new streamlined format, additional content and personal services. We love our customers! They give us great feedback on what they like and what they don’t like. We listen to everyone and use that feedback to continually improve our products and services. To kick-off 2014 we are happy to announce … Read more

Halloween Activities for kids

Ghost Puppets so easy you can make a whole ghost family in 5 minutes! Halloween activities for kids can be fun, easy to prepare and educational all at the same time with Activity Packs! Here is an lesson from our October Happy Halloween Sqooll Activity Pack. To try out additional Halloween Activities for kids … Read more

Baby Activity Packs are here

Sqooll Baby Sensory Box

It’s time to kick-start your child’s growth and development into toddlerhood – Sqooll Baby Activity Packs are here! Following the success of the Sqooll Activity Pack, is excited to announce the new Sqooll Activity Pack for Babies! Designed for children aged 1 – 2 our Baby Packs allow your child to create, play & … Read more