Learning about the weather around you

Learn about the world around you: Weather

The change of seasons provides a great opportunity for toddlers and kindergarten age children to explore and learn about the world around them.

It’s also a great way to to spend quality time with your kids! Taking the time to do hands-on activities together gives you a chance to talk and observe how their core skills, creativity and personalities are developing.

So let’s get started!

What colour is a rainbow?

Um. Red, yellow, orange …. pink? Is there pink in a rainbow?

  • Children Are Good Observers
    Children learn from actively investigating the world around them. “The road is wet” “Look at the clouds blowing across the sky.” “The sun is yellow and warm.” The adult with the child should take the time to stop, really look at what’s going on, and direct the child’s attention to the details.
  • Children Respond Well to Open-Ended Questions
    Open-ended questions encourage children to think and reflect. “What makes a rainbow?” “Where does rain come from?” Giving children time to come up with their own answers, even misconceptions, starts them on the road to constructing explanations and building theories.
  • Children Are Researchers
    Assisted by adults, children have numerous ways to explore their interests. Get hands-on with paints or crayons to draw, bend pipe cleaners into shapes, gluing materials together and stick-on stickers.

Looking for ways to put this theory into practice?

Try these fun activities included in our March 2015 Activity Box!

Toddlers Age 1½ – 3


Toddlers get to touch and feel the colours of the rainbow and then paint them!


Toddlers can see the bright colours and get creative sticking

Kids Age 3 – 5


Kids get to create the colours of the rainbow, paint their rainbow and finally attach clouds!


Kids help to trace and cut out their sun and decorate it for all to see