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Just 4 simple steps to get crafty with your kids!

How old is your child?


Toddler Box

Age 1½ – 3


Kid Box

Age 3 – 5


What is the difference between the Toddler and Kid Box?

We design the activities for the developmental age level of your child. This includes the time it takes to do the activity, techniques used (e.g. sponge painting vs. using a paintbrush) and materials.

My child is almost 3, which Box should I get?

I would suggest you start with the Toddler box and see how your child gets on with the activities. When you feel he/she is ready for more of a challenge, you can move up to the Kid Box at any time.

What if I have one child in each age group?

Choose our Family Box! It includes 1 Toddler Box + 1 Kid Box at a 25% discount! Click here to order the Family Box.

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