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Halloween activity “Tissue ghost puppet”

Here is a fun Halloween activity for you and your child. It’s a 2 minute ghost puppet!

Play with it while saying the fun rhyme. It’s so quick, you can make a whole ghost family in 5 minutes!

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Have fun!

Tissue Ghost Family

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Here is what you need

  1. 2 x White tissues/paper serviettes (for baby ghost) or 2 pieces of paper towel (for daddy ghost)
  2. Some string (thick string is easier to grip)
  3. Black marker to draw eyes and mouth for a friendly face

Here is what you do

  1. Take out string, toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel, marker and scissors. Cut 3 pieces of string about 20cm in length.
  2. Help your child take out two single pieces of toilet paper and lay them on a flat surface. Roll one piece into a ball and place it in the centre of the other piece. Pull all corners together then pinch and twist to form the ghost “head”. Tie the string below the head and let the bottom of the tissue flow. Tie the string so you have a short end and a long end to hold on to when “flying” the ghosts. Now help your child add faces with a black or coloured marker. Say “Boo!”
  3. Repeat with the facial tissue and paper towels. You now have a small, medium and large ghost. Fly your ghost around the room!

For even more fun say this rhyme while you play with your ghost puppets!

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying through the air. (Move puppet back and forth in front of toddler.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touching your hair. (Have ghost touch toddlers hair.)

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying down low. (Bring hand with puppet down low.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touches your toe. (Bend down and touch ghost to toddlers toe.)

Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying to you. (Raise ghost puppet up high.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
He says boo!