10 minute wave bottle craft activity

A 10 minute wave bottle craft activity at home At Sqooll we believe structured play is as beneficial for your child as reading to them. You should spend at least 10 – 15 minutes every day with your child helping them learn through structured play. Structured and creative play at home helps your child develop … Read more

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Best Fathers Day Gift Hands Down

Your child has the best Dad – hands down, right? So let him know with this quick and easy hand print art you can make at home in time for Father’s Day! There are several different ways to make this art special for dad: You can make both hand-prints of your child If you have … Read more

Bird Activities for Kids and Toddlers

Fun with our feathered friends Children see birds everywhere! In the park, at the zoo or aviary, pecking at the ground on the sidewalk and soaring through the sky. Birds are fun for kids (and parents) because there is so much variety in the size, shape and colour of birds around the world. So what … Read more

Rainbow art

What should we do today? When your kids are home from school for the holidays and the weather is not cooperating there is nothing worse than hearing the dreaded "I'm bored"! Unfortunately that means you actually have to come up with ideas for something to do! Not to worry, we have you covered. How about … Read more

Weather Sensory Bottles

Let’s make weather in a bottle! Looking for a fun activity this weekend that allows your child to use their senses to and explore the world around them? Make weather sensory bottles! So what are sensory bottles? Sensory bottles go by many names… sensory bottles, discovery bottles, sensory jars, calm down jars, and I am … Read more

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Learning about the weather around you

Learn about the world around you: Weather The change of seasons provides a great opportunity for toddlers and kindergarten age children to explore and learn about the world around them. It’s also a great way to to spend quality time with your kids! Taking the time to do hands-on activities together gives you a chance … Read more

Explore texture and colour with toddler art

Make art you can feel! Does your toddler or child love to colour pictures? Or maybe it is something they can take or leave depending on how they feel. Here is a great way to encourage them to colour pictures and explore texture and colour at the same time! Why colour pictures? Besides being easy … Read more

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Play shop keeper

What do you want to buy today? Looking for some fun 1 on 1 time with your kids this weekend? Set up shop and let the bargaining begin! Have fun learning through pretend play Dramatic pretend play is defined by experts as a type of play where children assign and accept roles and act them … Read more

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Kids Science: Make rock candy

What’s more fun than making candy? Eating it! Do you think we can make hard candy from sugar and water? Let’s try an experiment and see! (Just don’t tell them it’s science!) One of the most effective ways to get kids interested and excited about learning is to do hands-on activities together with them. And … Read more

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Halloween activity “Tissue ghost puppet”

Here is a fun Halloween activity for you and your child. It’s a 2 minute ghost puppet! Play with it while saying the fun rhyme. It’s so quick, you can make a whole ghost family in 5 minutes! Want more hands-on activities to do with your child? Order your Autumn and Halloween Pack for Toddlers … Read more

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