Play shop keeper

What do you want to buy today? Looking for some fun 1 on 1 time with your kids this weekend? Set up shop and let the bargaining begin! Have fun learning through pretend play Dramatic pretend play is defined by experts as a type of play where children assign and accept roles and act them … Read more

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Kids Science: Make rock candy

What’s more fun than making candy? Eating it! Do you think we can make hard candy from sugar and water? Let’s try an experiment and see! (Just don’t tell them it’s science!) One of the most effective ways to get kids interested and excited about learning is to do hands-on activities together with them. And … Read more

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Toddler learning on an Autumn walk

A toddler learning activity that will help your child explore nature and the colours of Autumn. While walking in the park with my toddler yesterday we were talking about the different coloured leaves on the ground. As she continues to learn about colours we decided to collect a variety of leaves and this is the … Read more

Halloween activity “Tissue ghost puppet”

Here is a fun Halloween activity for you and your child. It’s a 2 minute ghost puppet! Play with it while saying the fun rhyme. It’s so quick, you can make a whole ghost family in 5 minutes! Want more hands-on activities to do with your child? Order your Autumn and Halloween Pack for Toddlers … Read more

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Ice cube fun!

Frozen ice cube fun! September means the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to school. But in Hong Kong and Singapore, it also means some of the hottest weather of the year! Beat the heat with these quick and easy activities from our Frozen Activity Pack With this in mind we developed … Read more

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Early Literacy Skills Part 2

Early Literacy Skills (Part 2) 5 Easy Ways You Can Help Your Child Every Day Hi Everyone, Last week in Part 1 we introduced the importance of developing your child’s early literacy skills with some fun facts and essential concepts. Here are 5 easy (and fun!) ways to help your child develop those skills every … Read more

Blot art activity for kids and toddlers

What can your child create from drops of paint? Making paint blot art is about as simple as it gets and the great thing is that the entire family can get involved. If you can blot on paint and fold a piece of paper, you have what it takes to make this artwork and the … Read more

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Early Literacy Skills Part 1

Early Literacy Skills (Parts 1) The building blocks for language and literacy Hi Everyone, This is the second installment of our regular Educational Tuesday Tips email on early learning and your child’s development. This week the topic is Early Literacy! Some fun facts … What are Early Literacy Skills? Knowing the names of things Being … Read more