Best Fathers Day Gift Hands Down

Your child has the best Dad – hands down, right?

So let him know with this quick and easy hand print art you can make at home in time for Father’s Day!

There are several different ways to make this art special for dad:

  • You can make both hand-prints of your child
  • If you have 2 or 3 kids, make one hand-print from each child
  • Or one print of your hand and your child’s hand

Let’s make your Father’s Day hand print art

You just need some art paper, paint, paintbrush and a hand or two! Need some help with the message? We have a few suggestions guaranteed to put a smile on his face and maybe a bit misty-eyed.

So let’s get started!

What you need:

  • Painting paper
  • Construction paper
  • Paint and paintbrush

  • Marker
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take out your supplies

Step 1: Take out supplies
  • Lay down some newspaper and have a damp cloth handy for easy clean-up!

Step 2: Paint your child’s hand

Step 2: Paint your child's hand
  • Decide if you will use one colour or paint each finger differently
  • Use a brush to cover each finger and palm completely
  • Put the hand down on the art paper and gently, but firmly, press down on each finger and the top of the hand so you get a good image on the paper.
  • Set aside to dry.

Step 3: Cut out the hand prints

  • After the paint has dried, cut each hand print
  • You can cut around each finger, or just around the outside of the whole hand

Tip: If you want to skip this step just make your hand print directly on your paper.

Step 4: Finish your card

  • Position the hand prints leaving room to write your message
  • When you’re happy, apply glue stick to the back and stick them on your card
  • Use a marker to write your special message to Dad!

Looking for suggestions on what to write? Here is some inspiration:

  • Hands down you are the best dad in the whole, wide world
  • This is to remind you
    When I grow so tall,
    That once I was quite little
    And my hands were very small
  • My Fingers may be small,
    but I can still wrap Daddy around them