New Activity Pack Themes every month

Every month the Sqooll Team creates new theme-based Activity Packs with all the ideas, instructions and materials prepared for you and your child.

Everything you need is included and ready to use straight out of the box!

This month the Activity Pack Theme is “My Sweet Shop”


This month we explore the colours, shapes and textures you find in a candy shop.

Build your own sweet shop and decorate it. Make a chocolate bar with foil and wrapper. Experiment with rock candy that you can eat! Have fun making lollipops and sweets that you can sell in your sweet shop.

Sing lollipop songs together as you play with all the colourful sweets you made.

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African Safari Activity Pack

This month we explore wonderful and wild animals on an African Safari.

Create a lion’s mane and giraffe picture frame. Make binoculars and trumpet like an elephant. Go on a Safari and search for your animals!

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My Frozen World Activity Pack

My Frozen World Activity Pack

This month we let it go and enter a frozen world.

Paint on an ice canvas, make paintcicles and transform an ice block into artwork that only lasts for a day.

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Under The Sea Pack

Under The Sea Activity Pack

This month we explore the ocean and animals that live under the sea.

Get creative making colourful and textured sea animals. Have fun catching fish and playing in the surf with real seashells and toy animals.
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Dinosaur Pack

Dinosaur Activity Pack

Explore the ancient dinosaur world, make your own dino feet and play with toy dinosaurs.

Hatch a baby dino from a frozen egg and race your dino toys!

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What Can You Hear? Pack

What Can You Hear? Activity Pack

This month we teach your kids to shake, rattle and roll!

Create your own band with your home made guitar, tambourine, castanets and even a kazoo!

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All About Bears Pack Bears Kid Activity Pack

Create your own panda bear, brown bear, polar bear and teddy bears.

Play games in a bear cave, go on a bear hunt and have lots of giggles with a bear tongue twister!

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Themes January 1, 2013