Toddlers Box (Age 1½ – 3)

The Toddlers Box is designed to introduce your child age 1½ – 3 to structured activities and prepare them for kindergarten with art, games, songs and rhymes.

Between the ages 1½ – 3 your child is developing in leaps and bounds as they learn about the world around them through their senses.

As a parent, by providing them a stimulus-rich environment at home you encourage them to develop both their mind and their body, helping to ensure a balanced and well rounded child.

Your child will enhance their perceptual development through hands-on activities done in a familiar and safe environment – with you (or a helper) in your home.

Examples of activities from our most popular Toddlers Boxes:

Activities Examples Benefits
Art Finger paint a bear template and glue on googly eyes Practicing fine motor skills, learning to express themselves, exploring through touch and feel
Games Catch pipe cleaner fish with a magnet fishing rod Practicing fine motor skills, developing hand eye co-ordination
Songs / Rhymes Sing a song about a dinosaur sung to the tune “Twinkle twinkle little star” Developing language skills; practicing memory and auditory skills, experiencing movement and learning to express emotion

How do our Toddlers Boxes help you?

Our Boxes help busy parents like you spend more quality time with your child, strengthening your parental bond doing fun activities together.

  • Convenient – Always have an activity ready
  • Quality time – Bond with your child through 1-on-1 activities
  • Good value – Save time and more economical than playgroup

Have any questions about the Toddlers Box? Just give Julie a call at +852.2818.2278 and she can help you.