Activity Box

Instant fun delivered with every Box

Our Boxes help busy parents like you spend more quality time with your kids.

We develop new activities every month and deliver the instructions and materials ready to use right out of the box!

You create experiences, make memories and bond doing fun activities together in the convenience of your own home!

Let’s Peek Inside a Box!

The Instruction Booklet

  • We research, test and select the best arts&crafts and science activities for each theme … saving you time!
  • Next we write easy to follow instructions for each activity from start to finish … success guaranteed!
  • For each step we take detailed photographs to help you see exactly what to do … easy for everyone!

It’s as easy as following a recipe!

The Materials

  • We find unique materials that make our activities special – Think wood, foam, feathers, stickers and more!
  • All materials must meet our high standards – child safe, durable and fun!
  • We include pre-printed templates on a variety of paper stock ready for you to use

The possibilities are endless!

Become Super Mom in 20 minutes!

  • Just grab your Activity Box, choose an activity and take out the materials
  • Say the magic words “let’s …” make dinosaur feet, play with ice cream or go on a pirate treasure hunt!
  • Unleash your child’s creativity and curiosity and create lifelong memories exploring and learning together

It’s never been easier!

Pirate treasure map and treasure chest