Craft Boxes for Kids age 1 – 5. Step-by-step Instructions and all the supplies you need delivered monthly.

Additional Materials

Art Supply Kits and Additional Materials

The Activity Boxes include all the materials you need to do the activities!

To help busy parents like you we offer additional services to help get you started with basic art supplies and an economical way for siblings to do the activities.

  • If you need basic art supplies you can order an Art Supplies Kit.
  • Kid Art Supplies

    Kid Art Supplies Kit

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  • Toddler Art Supplies

    Toddler Art Supplies Kit

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  • Family Art Supplies

    Family Art Supplies Kit

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  • If you have a second child who wants to do the activities then order Extra Activity Box materials.
  • Sibling Pack Subscription

    HK$75 / month
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  • Single Sibling Pack