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Now your child can have fun with creative, hands-on learning activities at home!

Activity Packs for Kids age 2 - 6 and "Baby" Packs for ages 1 - 2

New Packs with all the supplies you need delivered to you monthly

Sqooll.com Activity Packs for Kids and Babies
Kid Activity Packs for ages 2 - 6 help develop core learning skills through arts & crafts, songs, games and science
The Baby Activity Pack is designed for ages 1 - 2 to kick-start their growth and development into toddlerhood

April Activity Packs – Busy Bugs!

This month we discover all kinds of bugs: colourful bugs, crawling bugs, hopping bugs and flying bugs.

  • Hands-on fun creating 3D arts & crafts
  • Make a Ladybug, butterfly, caterpillar and grasshopper
  • Keep your child entertained playing games and using their bugs for imaginary play!
  • Spend special time with your child or baby singing songs together

Everything you need is included and ready to use straight out of the box!

Sqooll April Activity Pack Busy Bugs

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Activity Packs

10 hands-on activities designed for your child’s developmental age group. New ideas, step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need, delivered direct to your door every month.

Approach to Learning

Sqooll activities focus on "'learning through fun" and help your child develop the 4 core skills which are key for toddler development: literacy, math concepts and both fine & gross motor

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