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Now your child can have fun with creative, hands-on learning activities at home!

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Each month a new Pack will arrive at your doorstep - just open the box and let the fun begin!

Sqooll.com Activity Packs for Kids and Babies

July Activity Packs – Dinosaurs!

Let your kids have fun with their fascination of dinosaurs! Babies love dinos too!
  • Play with toy dinosaurs and have a dino race
  • Hatch baby dinos in our frozen egg experiment and fun craft activity
  • Explore the ancient dinosaur world by making dino tracks and playing with dino stickers
  • Make your own dinosaur feet and improve gross motor skills while having fun stomping around to our dino songs!
Sqooll July Activity Pack Frozen Dinosaur eggs

What moms are saying

Dear Julie, I would like to thank you for the Pack that I received. I'm actually really impressed and very happy with the kits you provided. They all look perfect and it seems you thought about every small detail. Congratulations.

Thank you again.
Best, a very happy customer!
- Christine, Clearwater Bay

Our house is covered with art work that is meaningful, rather than the random painting and drawing that we did so often. Our helper is inspired to spend an hour of the day teaching our daughter rather than just keeping her busy.
- Sarah, Midlevels

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