Craft Boxes for Kids age 1 – 5. Step-by-step Instructions and all the supplies you need delivered monthly.

Creative Activities for Kids

(made easy)

In your home, any day of the week

Every month the Sqooll Team creates new theme-based Activity Boxes with all the ideas, instructions and materials prepared and ready to use straight out of the box!
And delivers them direct to parents anywhere in the world!

Activities for Toddlers (Age 1½ - 3)

and Kids (Age 3 - 5)

Just open the box and start making, discovering and creating together!

Arts & Crafts

Arts and craft activities help your child to learn how to think creatively while developing fine motor and manipulative skills. Through art toddlers develop spatial awareness and listening skills while they learn how to follow instructions.


Following rules requires mental and physical skills. Games allow them to use fine and gross motor skills. Sharing and taking turns allows them to practice their self control and can help social development.


“Why is the sky blue?” and “Where did the stars go?” Young children are science investigators by nature. The ‘why’ questions parents so often hear are the initial scientific investigations of children. Their natural curiosity and love of play makes the learning of scientific skills fun.

Look Inside Your Activity Box

  • Arts & crafts, games and science experiments
  • A booklet with easy to follow step-by-step instructions with pictures for every activity
  • All the materials you need are included
  • An engaging theme – like Dinosaurs or Bears – that makes learning fun for both you and your child

Kids love receiving each new Box addressed in their name and doing the the fun activities at home. Parents love the convenience and value, knowing the activities are both fun and educational.

Look inside a Sqooll Activity Box

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How It Works

1. We Design The Activities

We design Activities for toddlers and kids that inspire creativity and teach core learning skills through play

2. You Sign-up On-line

You sign up and your Activity Box with full instructions and all materials is delivered to your home every month

3. Kids Get Creative

Kids engage in making, discovering and creating at home in the morning, afternoon or on the weekend

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