Subscription boxes for kids Themed Activity Packs for parents to use with their Toddlers age 1 – 2½ and Kids age 2½ – 5. Step-by-step Instructions and all the supplies you need delivered monthly.
Contact us at +852.2818.2278 creates subscription boxes for kids age 1 – 5

Each box is filled with 10 activities for your child to do at home

Every month a new Activity Pack will arrive at your doorstep - just open the box and let the fun begin! Activity Packs for Toddlers and Kids
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* How It Works *

1. We Create The Activities

Look inside a Sqooll Activity Pack

We create Activity Packs for toddlers and kids that inspire creativity and teach core skills

2. You Order Your Pack On-line

Sign up and receive your Sqooll Activity Pack

Sign up for a Month-By-Month Plan or Package and your Activity Pack is delivered to your home every month

3. Kids Have Fun At Home

Have fun at home with your kids

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